Nike Air Max 270 black yellow is available

The first Nike Air Max 270 black and yellow colorways exposure is coming soon. The shoe features a bright yellow mesh material with a black upper reinforcement and heel, and a peach-like pink oversized 270-degree Max air cushion for a powerful impact. It is a street tool that is both comfortable and eye-catching.

VaporMax’s fashion and avant-garde really have a place on the streets, and this domineering atmospheric cushion will bring more integration and evolution.In front of the Nike Air VaporMax Inneva, the new air-cushion outsole is combined with Free Inneva Woven’s classic woven shoe body. The color-woven body and the inflatable floor cushion make the sport more energetic. Trend feeling.

Last year, Nike retro shoes Air Max 97 was officially engraved back, and the popularity has become a hot shoe in the past two years. The rich retro temperament is closely following the current fashion trend. The new color matching is uninterrupted. Recently, a new pair of Nike Air Max 97 is coming soon.The shoes are mainly decorated with classic black and white color. The blue and purple embellishment is added to the details such as the inner lining and the outsole. The upper is surrounded by 3M reflective material, which is simple and generous without losing the bright spot.

AT3057-100 Parra x Nike Air Max 1 is hitting the shelves

Dutch pioneer artist Piet Parra once again joined hands with Nike. After the successful cooperation in 2005, the two sides once again brought a new joint product based on the classic retro running shoes Air Max 1. This time, with the theme of urban and rural elements, the blue sky and the mountains are presented in an abstract way. Whether it is pattern texture or color selection, they are quite individual, and the eye-catching index is bursting! As a new personality, this pair of Parra x Nike Air Max 1 will be available in the “super limited edition” in the second half of this month. It is rumored that the volume in China is extremely small and it is extremely difficult to get started! Maybe after the Air Max 1/97, the Air Max family’s next best price! Received the joint name of the two heavyweight artists in advance, the shoe box is very interesting, showing abstract landscape painting under the white background, and also has a good decorative effect while hitting the theme. At the moment of unpacking, the combination of beautiful colors and unique textures attracted the attention of the audience!

The Parra x Nike Air Max 1 signature fender is a two-piece texture that combines polka dots and warning stripes for a high degree of eyesight. The azure Swoosh’s embellishment on light-colored shoes is extraordinarily outstanding, energetic and refreshing! The summer out of the street is extraordinarily fresh! The tongue presents the classic Nike Air red label, which reflects the classic retro temperament, echoes the light background and blue Swoosh, which impresses people. The insole is also hidden in the mystery and presented in themed texture. The Parra’s embroidered logo on the outside of the right shoe shows the identity of the author. The outsole uses pink and sky blue as the main color. This combination also has the personality of the corduroy Air Max 1/97. In the moment of casually lifting the foot, there is also a release of high-energy personality!

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,Since the successful launch of the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 Sapphire Blue Shoes in June, everyone has focused on the two new Air Jordan 4 co-branded colors on Travis Scott’s foot. This year’s hottest pop color royal purple is the new version of Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4. In the early period of time, we have brought you this real purple spy color Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 physical spy photos and foot detail maps, but the release of the news has been delayed, rumors earlier this Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 It will be a limited number of shoes for relatives and friends, and the sales volume is very rare. Today, another authoritative insider said that the purple version of the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 may not be commercially available as a limited edition of 1000 pairs of friends and relatives. Although Travis Scott has not yet given a final response, it seems that you want to buy this purple version of Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4. The challenge is very high, and we will further report on this shoe. latest news.

Nike Air Max 270 Offer NIKEiD customization service

To celebrate the Air Max Day on March 26th this year, Nike not only launched a new color scheme for the Nike Air Max 270, but also opened the NIKEiD customization service, giving everyone a more personalized choice. Customized on the basis of the original design, you can add different styles of letter printing on the upper, and you can also choose a variety of “Air” on the air cushion of the heel. The style is more interesting and lively, and the recognition is higher!

The Nike Air VaporMax series, which still has a low popularity, is once again welcoming new color schemes. Recently, a pair of big red new Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 “Red Orbit” announced the release information. The overall style of the shoes is mainly red, with a black Swoosh embellishment on the Flyknit woven upper and an orange on the heel support. The collision between the two brings a strong visual impact. With a translucent air cushion, the upper foot effect is absolutely explosive!

The Nike Air Max 97 Platinum/Red color scheme is currently available in overseas locations. It is wrapped in a bright and lustrous red patent leather wrap and is complemented by a platinum-plated body. These shoes are refreshing and eye-catching. The overall vitality index is not low, whether it is summer or autumn and winter, these shoes are street eye harvesters, it is worth paying attention!

Nike launches new triple white sneakers series this summer

As summer approaches, Nike launches a new line of pure white sneakers to offer a variety of small white shoes. The main pushes of the four popular shoes have their own characteristics: Nike Air Max 270 comfort cushioning, Air Jordan 3 classic retro, Air Force 1 evergreen, Air VaporMax 2 light and smart, to meet different wearing needs. In addition to these four models, Nike also recommends a lot of white theme shoes, from practical shoes to cool slippers, no matter what style you like, you can find your heart.

Classic air cushion Nike Air Max 97 introduces a new cherry blossom color scheme. The upper is made of suede and fabric, and is decorated in different shades of pink. The white midsole is complemented by a pink air cushion and an outsole. Lovely and tender, yet full of texture, it is worth looking forward to.

Pure white color sneakers have always been very popular, and pure white color matching as VaporMax’s first color matching, was also a popular style far higher than the original price. After welcoming an upgraded version of VaporMax 2.0, the Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 “Triple White” is once again presented in pure white, bringing a familiar and refreshing visual experience. The same white Flyknit woven body with a white transparent VaporMax air cushion outsole, the 2.0 version of the shoe has more stable patches at the heel, which also makes the overall visual level richer. Especially to cater to the summer’s vitality, if like it can pay attention here .

Socks design Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit will be available next week

With the oversized Nike Air Max 270, it has received a lot of attention once it’s released, and now comes with an upgraded version! Based on the Air Max 270, Nike upgrades the upper to Flyknit woven material to enhance the overall package and comfort of the upper. The details are embellished with the eye-catching Swoosh Logo and the “Air 270” print for a more eye-catching look. The classic black and white color scheme makes this pair of Air Max 270 Flyknit attract a lot of people’s attention. It is now confirmed that it will be released on May 15th. Interested partners may wish to pay more attention!

The release from the OFF-WHITE official social network account shows the black OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 97 “Black” that appeared on the Fashion Week show. With a full black tone, you can still see that the upper is made of translucent material, while the white Swoosh, AIR lettering and labels are particularly eye-catching! The shoelace also carries the word “SHOELACES”. Compared to the starting white shoes, this anti-tone “black soul” new product also has a style. In addition to the black color scheme at Paris Fashion Week, there is also a pair of gray versions of the Air Max 97 debut.

The popularity of the popular Nike Air VaporMax series continues, and the upgraded version of the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Moc 2 is also quite popular. Nike, Nike Vapormax Moc 2, on sale, AH Gradient Black Warrior strikes! The new color matching Nike Vapormax Moc 2 will be available soon. Originally used as a co-production color, but with the departure of Nike ACG’s chief designer, the new Nike VaproMax Moc 2 will be on sale soon! Nike, Nike Vapormax Moc 2, on sale, AH Gradient Black Warrior strikes! The new color matching Nike Vapormax Moc 2 is coming soon. The shoe type inherits Nike Air VaporMax 2.0, which is more convenient to wear with elastic straps instead of shoelaces. The new color is black upper and milky white Swoosh and heel label embellishment; at the same time, the color of the front and rear palm cushions also corresponds to the black and milky white of the upper, which is a very low-key classic color scheme. It is a good choice for the low-key hipsters.

Nike Air Max 270 Futura Become one pair Dad Shoes

With an oversized heel cushion, the Nike Air Max 270 is the biggest surprise of Air Max Day this year, and the current high appearance rate on the street also shows its popularity. The pair of Nike Air Max 270 Futura is a bit special, changing the fashion style of the past, using the retro “old shoes” dress. Under the white background, mesh fabric and leather, the details are decorated in navy blue, and the heel is also changed to the retro style Nike Air logo. The large Air Max air cushion on the back of the sole is still the overall visual center. In retro, it has full eye-catching elements.

The popularity of the popular Nike Air VaporMax series continues, and as part of the upgrade, the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Moc 2 will soon introduce a new black powder color scheme. The shoe type inherits Nike Air VaporMax 2.0, which is more convenient to wear with elastic straps instead of shoelaces. The new color is a black upper with a rose pink upper, and is decorated with a yellow heel streamer. At the same time, the color of the front and rear palm cushions also corresponds to the black and rose pink of the upper, which is hot and bright, and the summer is good for people who like bright colors. select!

Nike Air Max 97 has become more popular after the classic “silver bullet” color scheme was re-enacted last year. Although the design of the upper is very different, it is undeniable that Air Max 97 has received a new round of support in the retro resurgence, especially for the young ladies. Inspired by the NFL team’s Pittsburgh Steelers, the new color-matched Air Max 97 features a black-and-white collision with a yellow lining, heel label and air-cushioned inner column. More layered, it is more exciting to wear on the upper foot! .

Which Nike Air Max Shoes will you grap ?

Nike brought the new running shoes Nike Air Max 270 at the beginning of this year. Recently, a number of color schemes will be released, and a new pair of Nike Air Max 270 “Black/White” will be on sale soon.The shoes are dominated by classic black and white color schemes, and the heel is equipped with a black translucent Air Max air cushion with a thickness of 3.2 cm. The Swoosh Logo and the “AIR270” logo are decorated with white accents, and the outsole is striking pink. The overall contrast is obvious. The Nike Air Max 270 with Flyknit technology has also exposed a new color scheme with black and white color as the main body. The streamlined Flyknit shoes are used to create a sock style. The white Swoosh and the “270” are respectively affixed to the sides, and the visible air cushion part is accidentally selected. Black covers its effect. The Air Max 270 carries the highest Air Max air cushion in the history of the brand, 270 degrees around the heel, and the overall design is a tribute to the continuation of the classic Air Max 180 of the 1990s. The new black and white color is dominated by a black upper with a white logo detail and a mid-sole mid-bottom design. The second half of the 270 air cushion is black with a reddish hue to create a new style that is simple and contrasting. .

It is important to note that the Nike Air Max 97, which was previously designed by NIKE and Sean Wotherspoon, has successfully ignited the sneakers, and the success of this piece has been a guide for later retrofits and launches. For many people, it seems that it is still very difficult to buy this item. The limited sale and the later price are unmatched. As for the design, Sean’s favorite 80s retro accessories as an opportunity to mix Air Max 1 and Air Max 97 shoes, and finally through the corduroy material, has attracted much attention. In addition, the fiery heat in the market seems to have infected the official. Recently, NIKE will re-stock these shoes at SNKRS.Inspired by Sean’s favorite 80’s Nike retro hat, the Air Max 1/97 combines the Air Max 97 body with the Air Max 1 outsole, and is made from the rare corduroy material on the sneakers. The upper will become more retro with the user’s different wearing habits. Other details include the “VA->LA” embroidery on the heel, the smiley face of “Swoosh” on the insole, and the “Swoosh” and “Wave” velcro that can be replaced on the tongue. I missed the first wave of friends. Must grasp the opportunity!

Nike’s hot innovation Nike Air VaporMax is about to usher in the third pair of all-black color matching next month (the first two pairs of all-black color are the joint name with COMME des GARÇONS and the “Triple Black” of Air Max Day). The Air VaporMax still features Flyknit shoes and Swoosh, laces and Flywire in black tones. The only bright spot is that the VaporMax transparent cushion has a more “smog” feel. Black Soul color is always so cool, this Nike VaporMax “Triple Black” will be officially launched on June 20th, when men and women code will be launched together. This time, the Nike Air VaporMax shoe will be followed by the COMME des GARÇONS version and the NikeLab version released on the Air Max Day. The shoe is also made of pure black Flyknit fabric. Compared to the previous version, the iconic VaporMax sole and contour have not changed, but Swoosh’s 3M reflective effect has been removed, and the shoe is not so dark.

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Nike Air Max 270 new color is a bit eye-catching

With the approach of Air Max Day, the Nike Air Max 270, the absolute protagonist of this year, has recently released a lot of new color schemes. This time there is a new color appearance, it is not a little eye-catching! The fabric upper is lightly khaki as the main color, the Mini Swoosh on the shoes is in bright pink, the logo on the tongue is fluorescent yellow, the neckline and the insole are embellished with orange details. The biggest highlight is the midsole. The same bright powder as the upper and the form of fluorescent yellow stitching bring a strong visual effect. However, at present, there is no sale information for this color matching, and friends who like it may wish to pay more attention to follow-up information.

Nike Air Max 270 Black White,The overall design is retro and skillful. Position sports shoes. Focus on this thick, screaming air cushion, up to 3.2 cm thick! At the same time, the color of the shoes is also a variety of colorful, young people who are looking for the trend to wear, do not pocket, right? Nike’s new style, seeing the first sight, the heart is light purple, beautiful, although it is children’s shoes can not stop me, I like it too much, the whole family mobilized. Help friends buy shoes, pick n more models, no time to take pictures on the feet In general, I don’t think about putting on a photo, it’s super nice, it’s really super nice, I don’t want to buy it. I’m going to buy a female model. I’ll go to the store and go to the bottom of the store, the more I look at it, the more I can see it. Said that the fat intestines like it.

Nike’s visual air cushion design provides a comfortable cushioning and wearing feel. Inspired by the “sports lifestyle”, the Nike Air Max 270 series is based on the visual design of the air cushion family and is equipped with a 3.2 cm thick heel cushion, which not only creates an unprecedented performance, but also the gospel of the dwarfs. Although the Nike Air Max 270 series does not use the hot Flykin woven material in recent years, it is built with an integrated engineering mesh surface, which has superior breathability and protection. The word “AIR270” is printed on the upper to indicate identity. The whole shoe feels retro! The Nike Air Max 270 series brings more colorful colors, each color is unique, more distinctive, and brings a superior foot. Cash withdrawals also make the choice of sports-loving partners rich. Welcome to buy new Nike Air Max 270 here .

AH6803-100 Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit White

Nike Air Max 270 is one of the best silhouettes to drop in recent memory,Equipped with a breathable and lightweight Flyknit all throughout the upper, and the Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit White Womens perfectly embodies everything that makes the silhouette so great. Unveiled as part of the Swoosh’s Air Max Day 2018 celebrations, the shoe takes some of Nike’s classic ’70s running features and combines them with a clean and modern design.All-white Flyknit upper, sock-like collar, leather heel, “AIR” branding.
Adidas Yeezy Boost,Painted in a clean ‘White’ colourway, the Air Max 270 Flyknit White Womens boasts a completely redesigned Air unit in the midsole,this Air Max 270 comes covered in a heavenly white from head to toe with light grey detailing on the Swoosh branding on the toe as well as on the “AIR” branding on the medial side panel.Nike will soon be releasing a summer-perfect “Triple White” colorway of the Air Max 270 Flyknit. which appears to be quite similar to the full length bubble seen on the Air VaporMax.For now, Nike has yet to reveal a launch date for the “Triple White” Air Max 270 Flyknit, but expect the iteration to arrive soon.

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