New Parra x Air Max 1 is available now

The co-branded Air Max 1 by Dutch artist Parra was released on July 21st and became a hot shoe as soon as it was released. In addition to the scarce quantity and high price, its unique design style has also made many custom players compete to imitate. The first is the custom version of Air Force 1. The upper restores the shape of the Parra x Air Max 1, and the stripes, polka dots and rich color schemes are exactly the same as the original. The outsole is also painted in color stitching, and the “AIR” font part of the midsole is also color-coded, echoing the theme through small ideas in the details. Parra x Air Max 1 No Swoosh Logo’s family-friendly limited color matching has been ported to the AF1, which also hides the Swoosh Logo, which reveals an abstract landscape pattern of blue sky and white clouds. Even OFF-WHITE x AJ1 also offers customized versions of the same theme, incorporating the iconic motifs of the wind and Parra. It can make the custom player suffer from the blood, which shows the influence of Parra. In addition, the recently popular Nike old shoes Air Monarch 4 launched the Parra custom version, and Air Max 97 was also released by the player P.

Nike Air VaporMax is now deeply rooted in people’s hearts. In 2018, this popular shoe model has a new look that is more functional! Firstly, the original style of the package is enhanced by the sock-type collar. The shoelace is equipped with a fast shoelace lock, which is convenient to use and greatly reduces the chance of the shoelace being loose during exercise! Still use the full palm VaporMax air cushion to close the tail, the details with 3M reflective embellishment, the overall effect of personality and function is full!
Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,This year, Jordan Brand launched the revolutionary new Air Jordan 1 Rebel XX for the classic hot shoe Air Jordan 1. The traditional lace design was moved to the side of the shoe, and the iconic elements were curved, and the asymmetrical style was highlighted. Not awkward. Recently, the model has a new “Olive Canvas” color scheme. The shoes are mainly olive green, with laces as the boundary. The outer part is made of dark pink suede, while the inner part is made of bright black snakeskin. Swoosh Logo also Adopt asymmetric plus splicing design. The overall domineering and full of women’s unique colors, such a color design is definitely the best eye-catching weapon!

Will you cop the new Nike Air VaporMax Light 2 ?

Nike Air VaporMax air cushions have brought us absolute surprises in terms of both visual and foot. With the increasing number of shoes equipped with VaporMax air cushions, Nike has more and more radical design new products. Today, a brand new shoe has exposed the picture, which is simple and technically rich in gray. The boots in this pair are equipped with a VaporMax air cushion in the back half. Not only is this the first appearance of VaporMax, but the soles have a lot of hollow design, which makes the shoes feel like “high heels”. I am afraid to walk on uneven roads. The shoe body is designed with a sock sleeve, which is matched with different texture effects of various materials. The far-sighted and near-reward has a full sense of technology. The name of the shoe may be called Nike Air VaporMax Light 2, and there is no update on it yet, we will pay more attention.

Last year, the British Nine Air Max 97 SK, led by the British Grime music leader Skepta and Nike, was well received and now brings new shoes! The newly exposed Skepta x Nike Air Max Deluxe is black in color with a partially digital camouflage pattern on the vamp, while Air Max expects to embellish it in red. “NEVER SLEEP ON TOUR” and “12:05 PM JUNE 08 2014” are printed on the inside and outside of the upper, symbolizing the release time of the single “That’s Not Me”!

With the approach of the 2018 Russia World Cup, Nike has injected the classic color of the brand’s top football boots into this year’s Nike Air Max 270. Not only let us feel the unique charm of the boots of the big stars and Ronaldo’s giant stars, but also the inherent limitations of the soccer shoes through the comfortable feet created by the Air Max 270. Each shoe body is perfect for classic color matching, and the heel shoe is also marked with a specific age logo. The tribute is extremely strong! It is expected to be released in the near future, and I am sure to wear them to welcome the World Cup.

Which brand of co-branded Nike sneakers is the strongest?

We compared Nike’s heavy joint name last year and this year! See which pairs are the most heart-warming.

Speaking of the joint name of the shoes, Nike is really not aimed at who! On the quality of the joint brand, we only say that the two top fashion brands, OFF-WHITE and Supreme, have reached an altitude that cannot be surpassed.How strong is Nike’s joint strength? I think Nike can only compare with myself, because only Nike can surpass itself.

Today, compare Nike last year and this year’s most popular joint sneakers. In which year is it stronger and better? You decide!

Last year, the two parties brought in CLOT x Air VaporMax. At that time, they were catching up with everyone’s interest in VaporMax, such as Guanxi and Solid Color Red, which became one of the most important Nike joint names last year. At the beginning of this year, Guan Xige once again shot, and even launched a pair of white silk AF1, to know that the red silk AF1 that once had a “snack box” is definitely one of the gods, and the full Chinese wind makes people not love it! Guan Xige’s CLOT can bring these fines with Nike. Xiaobian has more or less pride in his heart. If you compare these two pairs of shoes, although the price is similar, the popularity should be slightly better than white silk.

Last year, Air Three’s three-color color match experienced the peak of popularity. In addition, Wu Yifan’s upper foot in “China has hip-hop” is a direct take-off; then a pair of tripartite AF1, although the attention is not so high, but the print identification Extremely high, with a dark temperament. This year, Supreme x Nike didn’t bring enough surprises. The AF1 style of a pair of tripartite joints was too exaggerated. The retro old-fashioned style of the Zoom Streak was also revealed by everyone to have a look of the Xtepfire series.

As the world’s strongest street brand, Supreme x Nike cooperation shoes are the focus of everyone’s attention every year. This year’s two pairs of joint-name models did not bring much surprises. Compared with last year, it is indeed inferior. I hope that in the second half of the year, I hope that in the second
half of the year. There are heavy pieces born.

Since last year, OFF-WHITE x Nike has become the most powerful sneaker series. Even with its strong influence, Yeezy has been left behind. Since then, the style has been deconstructed, and each pair has an exaggerated increase. It is a peak in the history of sneakers. This year’s “The Ten” instantly became the “The Hundred”. At present, only two pairs of OFF-WHITE x Zoom Fly will be released. In the second
half of the year, the climax will be ushered in. The color selection is more abundant, but the design is not changing the medicine. It makes people feel shocked. The OFF-WHITE x Nike is called the strongest co-brand in the sneaker world. I believe no one will object. The starting ten pairs have become a classic
that cannot be copied. Although this year’s color is more abundant, it is difficult to reach the height of last year.

COMME des GARÇONS Kawakubo has a long-term relationship with Nike. Last year, Air VaporMax was the earliest exposure color, with an unprecedented air cushion design, which was really hard to extricate at the time. This year’s cooperation between CDG and Air Max 180 is too small, and the joint shoes with Nike ACG have already been exposed. It can be seen from the design with a sense of retro and deconstruction, and also appeared in Paris Fashion Week. The new Nike Sock Dart is also impressive,
but the release information is still not exposed. The dark black color in the concise is the consistent style of CDG x Nike. Last year’s Air VaporMax was really amazing. It is really difficult to make a breakthrough this year.

Last year, UNDEFEATED and Nike’s joint influence was super strong, and the color matching of GUCCI’s joint name attracted a lot of attention. Together with Air Max 97′s returning heat last year, it was a great joint achievement. This year’s UNDEFEATED is mainly designed around the newly engraved Kobe 1 Protro, but a few good-looking color schemes are exclusive to the players, or only 5 pairs or 10
pairs of friends and relatives, the two pairs of commercial color matching is not as hot as expected. Popularly, last year’s Air Max 97 is the Kobe 1 Protro crushed this year. After all, the Air Max 97 has a wider audience, and the Kobe 1 as a basketball shoe can only pay for a small number of hardcore fans.

ACRONYM participated in the AF100 joint project of Nike last year. In order to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Air Force 1, the ACRONYM x Air Force 1, which has a pure white color, continues the functional design. This year’s joint Air VaporMax Moc does not have a major sense of function, but enhances recognition with a strong visual impact. Unfortunately, the popularity is not high. Except for the black and white color scheme of the first launch, the other two pairs are at the original price. The good news is that it may be brought at the end of the year. Come to Air Presto for cooperation! Neither AF1 nor Air VaporMax Moc has caused too much attention, but the ACRONYM x Air Presto at the end of this year may be a new look that Xiaobian is looking forward to.

This pair of Air Force 1 officially opened NIke’s road to change the hook, becoming the most popular pair of shoes in the AF100 series. Not only can you change the hooks, but also two very interesting decorations, which are too dirty and make people love and hate. . Compared with the AF1 in 2017, the friends who started the AJ4 joint venture early this year may be a bit uncomfortable. The price and design details are impeccable, but the market is falling and falling, because friends who were too expensive before. I can think about it now. Whether it’s popularity or market price, last year’s hook AF1 will be stronger, but this year there will be a new color release, the joint AJ4 is also likely to launch new products.

VLONE and Nike have brought several pairs of Air Force 1 in the world, and Guan Xi is also frequently on the ground. Unfortunately, because of the scandal of the manager Bari, Nike has terminated the partnership and made this super-heavyweight joint name. Become a swan song. Although there is no joint name of VLONE this year, Nike has started to cooperate with Fear Of God, which is only weaker than VLONE. VLONE and Fear Of God are the most popular luxury brands in the world, and the VLONE x AF1 has become a sneaker. I hope this year’s FOG x Nike series will surprise everyone.

Last year, KAWS and Air Jordan 4 brought a combination of gray and black. Last year, gray was the first color match, and the market price was higher, but individuals prefer the black texture. This year, KITH and Nike’s joint cooperation is similar to KAWS in weight. Although LeBron 15 is far less popular than AJ4, some color combinations are extremely rare, resulting in a very large market price. The most expensive color matching on the market is ten times the cheapest. about!

New Nike Air VaporMax Plus Platinum is now available

To say which pair of sneakers are high in foreign countries but no one in the country, it is possible that you can rarely think of a classic Max series running shoe that Nike launched in 1998 – Nike Air VaporMax Plus. The upper is designed with unique wavy lines, inspired by palm leaves, and loaded with the cushioning technology Tuned Air, which Nike admired that year, so that it still has its own unique technological attributes. According to Xiaobian himself, before the rise of retro old shoes in the past two years, the running frequency of this running shoe in foreign streets is quite high, showing that foreigners have a soft spot for their “ugly handsome” design. Since last year’s Air Max Day, many Nike Air Max classic running shoes have been redesigned, incorporating the latest VaporMax air cushions, and the popular Air Max Plus in Europe and America is no exception. Recently, Nike released a new color palette “Pure Platinum” for Air VaporMax Plus. The white color of the whole body not only caters to the current trend of white shoes, but also the metallic texture of the transparent air cushion reflects the platinum-gold theme. The iconic “Tn Air” logo on the heel and insole is also changed to “Vm Air”, echoing the air cushion technology used.

The pair of Nike Epic React Flyknit shoes are woven from all-black Flyknit material, while the midsole Nike React cushioning technology is also rendered in black for the first time. The overall effect is low-key and versatile, like a dark knight. In addition to the low-key overall, the shoe body is not lacking in bright spots, the heel support is painted with a pink triangle, and the word “BETRUE” is printed on the ring position. The color gradient effect of the rubber outsole can be said to be amazing. praise!

After Nike Air Max 97 re-enacted the classic “silver bullet” color matching last year, the popularity is growing. Although the design of the upper is very different, it is undeniable that Air Max 97 has received a new round of support in the retro resurgence, especially for the young ladies. Nike also upgraded Air Max 97 last year with a new version of the Air Max UL ’17. The body is made of a breathable single-layer mesh material with an improved full palm cushion system that gives the OG a better feel than the OG. Recently, this Ultra version also exposed the new official photo of fluorescent green color. The color scheme is based on this year’s hot fluorescent green color. The green lines of different densities are presented on the body of the shoe, complemented by the cool gray of technology. Together with the iconic 3M reflective strip of Air Max 97, it creates a cool color. Functional style. This release information has not yet been released. Interested friends please be patient, we will bring you follow-up reports of this paragraph in the first time!

Nike Air VaporMax 2 Flyknit OLYMPIC Will Come Soon

The popularity of the popular Nike Air VaporMax series continues, and as the second generation of the series, Nike Air VaporMax 2 Flyknit has released a new color scheme “OLYMPIC”. Recently, Nike released a new color matching VaporMax 2 Flyknit’s official atlas, with a pure black air cushion of “black obsidian”, full of temperament; the body is made of college red, navy blue stitching Flyknit woven upper, supplemented with gold Swoosh is embellished with rich colors but without losing temperament. It can also be used as a highlight in the summer.

As we all know, Bape, a well-known Japanese fashion brand, has been cooperating with adidas and has never cooperated with another sneaker giant Nike. However, in the recent network, Bape x Nike Air Max 270 has been shown in two colors! The shoes cover the upper with Bape’s classic camouflage elements. The front of the midsole is embellished with the same classic shark-tooth print. The Bape’s deaf logo is displayed at the heel. The styles of the two brands blend harmoniously. If it is genuine, it will definitely be Let countless people go crazy!

This year, Nike started to play hybrid design, launched the Air VaporMax 97, Air Max 97 Plus and Air Max Plus 97 shoes, followed by a new pair of Nike Air VaporMax 95, the first color match also the most classic first year of Air Max 95 “Neon” is the theme, and the shoes have recently released the release date and official pictures.The shoe combines the Air Max 95 upper with the VaporMax full palm cushion outsole. The design is the same as the Air VaporMax 97. The layered upper is equipped with a black VaporMax air cushion and the outsole is also accented with fluorescent yellow and upper. The details echo, the integration of classic retro shoes and avant-garde technology does not violate, on the contrary, the visual experience is very comfortable and natural.


924453-102 Nike Air VaporMax Plus Debuts

To say which pair of sneakers are high in foreign countries but no one in the country, it is possible that you can rarely think of a classic Max series running shoe that Nike launched in 1998 – Nike Air VaporMax Plus.The upper is designed with unique wavy lines, inspired by palm leaves, and loaded with the cushioning technology Tuned Air, which Nike admired that year, so that it still has its own unique technological attributes. According to Xiaobian himself, before the rise of retro old shoes in the past two years, the running frequency of this running shoe in foreign streets is quite high, showing that foreigners have a soft spot for their “ugly handsome” design. Since last year’s Air Max Day, many Nike Air Max classic running shoes have been redesigned, incorporating the latest VaporMax air cushions, and the popular Air Max Plus in Europe and America is no exception. Recently, Nike released a new color palette “Pure Platinum” for Air VaporMax Plus. The white color of the whole body not only caters to the current trend of white shoes, but also the metallic texture of the transparent air cushion reflects the platinum-gold theme. The iconic “Tn Air” logo on the heel and insole is also changed to “Vm Air”, echoing the air cushion technology used.

In the past two years, the hot Nike Air Max 97 has taken off with all the color schemes after the two color lines of the gold and silver bullets have taken off. After all, the unique shoes of the Air Max 97 can be matched with the retro tide or the high-profile beauty. Pleasant. Maybe Nike thinks that Air Max 97 will be at least as hot as 2027, so it has brought a new color scheme of OG feeling. The shoes are mainly red and white. Most of the shoes are white, while the bottom line is dyed with a large red color. The visual effect is very impactful. All Swoosh is also dotted with the same large red color throughout the body. At the same time, the outer ring fenders are light gray, which not only embellishes the overall color of the shoes, but also slightly better in the degree of dirt resistance. Finally, the signature palm air cushion is finished with a light gray outsole. Red + white is the most classic color matching for sneakers. This pair of red and white may be the most eye-catching pair of 97 color combinations in the second half of the year.

The Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit with its super-atmosphere pad is welcoming two new colors to create a more vibrant look for the summer streets! The woven and sleek shoes are presented in red and orange respectively, and the heel is contrasted by black and olive green. The visual effect is very eye-catching. This year, Nike’s Air Max added a new member, the Air Max 270, which brought not only the Air Force 270, but also a pair of Nike Air Max 270 Futura.Unlike the avant-garde fashion of the Air Max 270, the Air Max 270 Futura transforms the upper into a rich vintage style. The dark gray, light gray and white mains add a retro feel to the entire pair of shoes. Embellished with 3M reflective material, the heel part is changed to the retro style Nike Air logo, equipped with exaggerated thickness of Air Max air cushion, retro and full of bright elements. .


adidas Ultra Boost,The next rendition of the popular Nike Air VaporMax is dubbed, VaporMax CS. Although this isn’t a Flyknit release, you can still be assured of that foot-hugging comfort.The Nike Air VaporMax CS features a new mesh construction on the upper with a synthetic overlay on the side panels. A padded inner lining adds even more comfort but is still breathable for those periods of high activity.Flywire cables are then absent, as the VaporMax notes a more traditional lacing system. After all, the Vapormax CS was engineered with sports performance in mind. That’s because the all-black treatment arrives on the new VaporMax CS, featuring a more traditional running shoe construction in mesh and synthetic paneling instead of Flyknit.Plenty other VaporMax remixes have surfaced online in recent months, but this one is different in that there are leaked Nike product images of it out already, which suggests that the shoe should be available at retail relatively soon.

While the Nike Air VaporMax is only months old, Nike is already tweaking the silhouette. To complete the look, a blacked-out Air Unit sits underfoot.Down below we have the traditional VaporMax sole unit in all black.A “Triple Black” Air VaporMax has been done before, but not quite like this. Moulded without any unnecessary overlays, this promises unbeatable cushioning across all surfaces.A leather liner has in turn been implemented to round out the design details.Ditching its usual Flyknit build for a more simple approach constructed in mesh and synthetic.Along with the navy and black/orange colorways previously previewed, you can expect the new Vapormax CS to arrive later this fall.Completing the design is a full-length Blackout VaporMax sole unit. Be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the Nike Air VaporMax CS Triple Black.

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AH9046-002 Nike Air VaporMax CS Triple Black is available

Nike Air VaporMax CS Triple Black is a radical new silhouette to feature that ground-breaking Air Unit.When the original Nike Air Vapormax released one of the first colorways to drop was the Triple Black pair, so it makes perfect sense for the modified version to also release in the same color scheme. If you enjoy the cloud-like cushioning of the Vapormax, wait until you experience this ‘CS’ transformation. we find the VaporMax once again welcoming the all-black treatment, albeit swapping the accustomed knit construction for supple suede.It’s more robust than the original and perfectly engineered to protect against the worst of the winter elements.Last month we saw Nike introduce a new variation of VaporMax, the VaporMax CS, featuring mesh materialization, so this isn’t the first time that non-Flyknit fabric covers the sneaker.This version, called the VaporMax CS GS, is a kids’ take that strips the Flyknit from the upper and instead uses what looks to be a combo of mesh and leather.

adidas Ultra Boost,Recently spotted in a black/orange/burgundy colorway, the upcoming Nike Air VaporMax CS has now surfaced in Triple Black.Lightweight mesh replaces the conventional use of Flyknit material.The luxe iteration boasts a perforated suede upper, featuring an all-around streamlined look and a new tongue.Scheduled to debut later this year, the shoe will be receiving the trendy “Triple Black” color scheme. Synthetic overlays are strategically placed across the sidewall and heel. A patent black Swoosh compliments the dark colourway across the upper.“Triple Black” is coming back to the Nike VaporMax once again, but probably not how you would have expected it.Note that the pair pictured is a grade school size, but it’s unclear if the silhouette will be offered in bigger sizes.

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Need more Nike Air VaporMax goodness in your life?

adidas Ultra Boost,Nike Sportswear will be debuting two new colorways of the Nike Air VaporMax dubbed, “Ice Flash” Pack for the month of November.As with previous Vapormax styles, this pair sits on a completely translucent Air Unit. It’s another subtle not to the ‘ice flash’ theme.while the second pair comes equipped with darker shades of the same hue. This compliments perfectly and instantly draws attention to that innovative technology. With a feeling likened to walking on clouds, the Vapormax Air Unit is both supportive and ultra comfortable.Get a good first look at both pairs of the Nike Air VaporMax Ice Flash Pack above and look for the pack to drop.There’s no word as to when these will be officially released, but it’s safe to say there’ll be a multitude of new VaporMax colorways releasing in the coming months.

The Nike Air VaporMax Ice Flash Pack Grey Womens is scheduled to release on Wednesday 1st November via the retailers listed.Perched atop a black VaporMax sole mold, the sneaker features a tonal red Flyknit upper and Flywire lacing system.The Flyknit uppers come in your choice of White (with Silver Swoosh) or Grey (with Dark Blue Swoosh). What pair are you feeling the most?Both are accented with Blue tones, one using a combination of Glacier Blue and Polarized Blue while the other comes in darker tones. Keep it locked to our pages for more updates on the run up to release.

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Nike Air VaporMax CS To Debut In The Coming Weeks

Nike Air VaporMax CS Blue Black arrives as a brand-new take on the innovative runner.A lower-tier version of the Nike Air VaporMax is slated to make its debut in the near future. Keep it locked to this page if you’re hoping to secure from the debut collection. Three colourways arrive for both guys and girls.Dubbed the Nike Air VaporMax CS, this version of the model removes the Flyknit-constructed upper and replaces it with a more traditional mesh build. Here we take a closer look at one of the more bolder renditions.Given that this new model doesn’t feature Nike’s premium-end Flyknit, we figure a lower retail price would be attached to the shoe – perhaps in the $150-170 range. Leave us a comment and let us know whether you’d rock this release.

Adidas Ultra Boost,Above you will find the Nike Air VaporMax CS in both a Black and Blue iteration and a Triple Black finish. The first thing you’ll notice about the Vapormax CS is the lack of Flyknit across the upper.Both pairs feature a new mesh construction on the upper with a synthetic overlays on the side panels. Down below we have the traditional VaporMax sole. In its place sits hard-wearing mesh which keeps the foot locked in place. Swoosh branding is found on the tongue, side panels and lateral and medial side of the heel. It may not be as adaptive as Flyknit but you can be assured of durable protection. VaporMax branding on the heel also provide a new aesthetic to the shoe. That’s further enhanced by the addition of a synthetic plate across the heel. This can easily be wiped clean, perfect when you’re heading out on those rainy, winter days.Both options above do not have a release date but they are both expected to drop this holiday season. Will you be picking up a pair?

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