Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi OG Chicago return this summer

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Jordan Brand, the brand also considered the perfect re-engraving of the sneakers of the first year. After the launch in 2013, the classic Bulls’ white and black Air Jordan 1 OG “Chicago” returned again.Presented in a design that is completely loyal to the first year, the shoe is made of high-quality leather, and the red Nike Air embroidered label on the tongue. Compared with the 13 models, the clean heel has no Jumpman Logo and will be officially released at the end of May.

Heavy color matching return! Following the re-release in 2013, the classic Chicago White Black Red Bulls color will reproduce the Air Jordan 1 shoe, and this time the design is loyal to the first year, made of high-quality leather, the tongue is dotted with red Nike Air Embroidery, heel does not have a Jumpman Logo.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,Designed by legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan 3 “Tinker” was once fired to the sky, making many shoe fans crazy. The Air Jordan 6 “Tinker” also released a physical map. More HD details are ushered in. The shoe body has a light gray color, and the details of the tongue and the sole are the contrasting blue and red colors. As the first pair of NBA champion shoes in Jordan, the Jumpman in the center of the tongue is very eye-catching. Logo, the plastic lace elastic buckle design not only has a perfect decorative embellishment effect, but also can adjust the tightness of the shoelace.

AT3057-100 Parra x Nike Air Max 1 is hitting the shelves

Dutch pioneer artist Piet Parra once again joined hands with Nike. After the successful cooperation in 2005, the two sides once again brought a new joint product based on the classic retro running shoes Air Max 1. This time, with the theme of urban and rural elements, the blue sky and the mountains are presented in an abstract way. Whether it is pattern texture or color selection, they are quite individual, and the eye-catching index is bursting! As a new personality, this pair of Parra x Nike Air Max 1 will be available in the “super limited edition” in the second half of this month. It is rumored that the volume in China is extremely small and it is extremely difficult to get started! Maybe after the Air Max 1/97, the Air Max family’s next best price! Received the joint name of the two heavyweight artists in advance, the shoe box is very interesting, showing abstract landscape painting under the white background, and also has a good decorative effect while hitting the theme. At the moment of unpacking, the combination of beautiful colors and unique textures attracted the attention of the audience!

The Parra x Nike Air Max 1 signature fender is a two-piece texture that combines polka dots and warning stripes for a high degree of eyesight. The azure Swoosh’s embellishment on light-colored shoes is extraordinarily outstanding, energetic and refreshing! The summer out of the street is extraordinarily fresh! The tongue presents the classic Nike Air red label, which reflects the classic retro temperament, echoes the light background and blue Swoosh, which impresses people. The insole is also hidden in the mystery and presented in themed texture. The Parra’s embroidered logo on the outside of the right shoe shows the identity of the author. The outsole uses pink and sky blue as the main color. This combination also has the personality of the corduroy Air Max 1/97. In the moment of casually lifting the foot, there is also a release of high-energy personality!

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,Since the successful launch of the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 Sapphire Blue Shoes in June, everyone has focused on the two new Air Jordan 4 co-branded colors on Travis Scott’s foot. This year’s hottest pop color royal purple is the new version of Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4. In the early period of time, we have brought you this real purple spy color Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 physical spy photos and foot detail maps, but the release of the news has been delayed, rumors earlier this Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 It will be a limited number of shoes for relatives and friends, and the sales volume is very rare. Today, another authoritative insider said that the purple version of the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 may not be commercially available as a limited edition of 1000 pairs of friends and relatives. Although Travis Scott has not yet given a final response, it seems that you want to buy this purple version of Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4. The challenge is very high, and we will further report on this shoe. latest news.

Air Jordan 1 Sports Illustrated new color Not far from the sale

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,We have reported for you some time ago that the popular Air Jordan 1 in the Jordan Brand family series has exploded new color members, and a shoe called “Sports Illustrated” is the first to enter everyone’s field of vision. Today, relevant insiders have exposed the overall picture of the Air Jordan 1 “Sports Illustrated”. The shoes shown in the picture follow the classic style of the Air Jordan 1, the color is mainly black and white, and the red border with the solid gradient green Swoosh is used as an auxiliary match, the inner edge of the upper is also engraved with “A” The STAR IS BORN” font logo design highlights its detailing. The Air Jordan 1 “Sports Illustrated” design was inspired by the Illustrated Illustrated Magic 1984 cover. I saw that Michael Jordan broke through the Magic’s scoring layup, while Swoosh chose the Magic. Gradient design on the side of the uniform. According to the news, this Air Jordan 1 “Sports Illustrated” will be available for sale in the second half of this year. The specific release news is still waiting for our news.

The new experience brought by Nike React cushioning is a new product of Epic React Flyknit, which makes everyone feel the re-innovation in the field of running shoes. The power feedback ratio is high, light and durable, and cost-effective. This new technology has a huge imagination in the future. It may be very widely used in basketball shoes, sports shoes and fashion shoes. I believe I have already gotten on Nike Epic React. Friends of Flyknit running shoes will have this feeling. This year, Nike React’s first joint sneakers are available today, with more surprises! The UNDERCOVER x Nike React Element 87 in front of you is the appearance of the old-fashioned shoes. It is also the full-scale Nike React cushioning. The wear-resistant rubber design of the sole also extends to the midsole, which also brings a richer visual expression. This series has multiple color combinations, and the UNDERCOVER/JUN TAKAHASHI lettering on the side of the shoe indicates its “UNDERCOVER” status. Takahashi has been working closely with Nike Running running products. Each season, NikeLab GYAKUSOU is avant-garde and exquisite. This time, Nike React’s first joint-name shoes this year is both amazing and not surprising! Takahashi has its own brand UNDERCOVER, which established NOWHERE with NIGO in the 1990s. NOWHERE is now the parent company of BAPE®. This UNDERCOVER x Nike React Element 87 joint series has not yet released the release information, we will continue to pay attention.

The name of the POD originated in 1995 and is called Point of Deflection. It is a design concept of “three-dimensional cushioning system”. This new product continues this advanced concept, combining the bridges of EVA stretch material, Boost technology and links to provide a more precise and accurate cushioning and stable performance, plus a high-quality mesh fabric upper, wearing Comfort is guaranteed. Adidas Originals P.O.D-S3.1 With both the sensitive EVA forefoot and the soft-bombed Boost back, Torsion anti-twist technology also appears on the soles to further enhance stability and flexibility. This is a new product that is perfectly balanced with fashion and sports. Adidas Originals has held theme parties in Germany, London and Shanghai, and interprets traditional elements with new technology. It is both the central idea of ​​local activities and the theme of these shoes.

Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1 Bleaching Series Update

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,Since the popular king of Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1 has been released, all kinds of sneakers in the world have created their own unique color matching. In the early stage, we introduced a series of color matching. Or the personality of the Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1 is a new color. Today, we found a cool color matching system of Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1. The shoes shown in the picture are selected from the recent Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1 North Card Blue as the base color. The dyeing operation of the shoes also looks very simple and violent. The whole shoe body is unevenly dyed to the recent hot purple color. Although the dyeing is uneven, the overall shoe color still looks very eye-catching and worthless. Have you seen the new color scheme of this bleached Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1?

As one of the protagonists of this year’s Air Max Day, the Nike Air Max 270 has received a lot of attention with the oversized Air Max! Recently, based on the Air Max 270, Nike upgraded the upper to Flyknit woven material to improve the overall package and comfort of the upper. The details are embellished with the eye-catching Swoosh Logo and the “Air 270” print for a more eye-catching look. This pair of Air Max 270 Flyknit “Work Blue” will be available soon.

The popularity of the popular Nike Air VaporMax series continues, and as the second generation of the series, Nike Air VaporMax 2 Flyknit has released a new color scheme “OLYMPIC”. Recently, Nike released a new color matching VaporMax 2 Flyknit’s official atlas, with a pure black air cushion of “black obsidian”, full of temperament; the body is made of college red, navy blue stitching Flyknit woven upper, supplemented with gold Swoosh is embellished with rich colors but without losing temperament. It can also be used as a highlight in the summer.

Air Jordan 3 Flyknit luminous crystal substrate stunning debut

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,As early as the beginning of this year, Air Jordan 3 Flyknit has been exposed. After the debut, it has received wide attention. The original sale scheduled for March was delayed until August, which made the shoes happy and waited for a long time. Only a few days left. Looking back at the styling characteristics of this pair of Air Jordan 3 Flyknit, unlike the general Air Jordan 3 shoes, the shoes are all made of woven material, although they are woven but do not damage the shape of the body, not only show the stitching The more is to imitate the pattern of burst cracks. The luminous crystal outsole of these shoes is the finishing touch, the overall day is low-key luxury, and the night is cool and eye-catching.

As the most mysterious shoe in January this year, the cushioning technology solution adopted by Nike Vapor Street has been the focus of everyone’s guess. At that time, Nike React was considered the most likely, and this guess was verified now! The German shoe store SOLEBOX will officially release the Nike Vapor Street “Triple Black” all-black color in the near future. On their official website (click for details), the name of the shoe is “React Vaporfly Elite”, indicating its cushioning midsole. Program. It can be guessed that this new running shoe is a foundation for Nike before the official launch of Epic React. It uses the same sharp shape of the professional elite running shoes VaporFy Elite, and replaces the expensive ZoomX with the better performance-price Nike React, which is a better market. Strategy.

In front of this pair of adidas Originals P.O.D-S 3.1 is the next main shoe type of clover. Not only the sharp sense of future technology, but also the Boost midsole with the second half of the palm, there are new surprises in the visual, foot and cost performance! The body detail with 3M reflective, the front and rear palm separation design is not only a good spirit, but also a certain contribution to lightweight. It is expected to be officially released in June, and pay attention if like.

Air Jordan 3 Retro Pure Money Will Release Again

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,In a set of photos taken for the NBA All-Star Weekend, Wei Shao took the Air Jordan 3 Retro “Pure Money” with a Jumpman brand name. Debuted in 2007, the simple white shoes are quite eye-catching in the red dress of Wei Shao. Last year, Jordan Brand announced that Air Jordan 3 was officially discontinued, and when the classic series will return in the future, it is also a hot topic for many Sneaker enthusiasts. This is the color of the Air Jordan 3, does it mean that the first return color is this Pure Money, what do you expect from this?

This year’s Air Jordan 1 new generation is endless, a variety of color schemes are dazzling, early exposure of a pair of new wheat color matching inspired by Michael Jordan’s clothes in the Rookie of the Year speech, the value of the shoes is so popular, today’s shoes, today The shoe finally announced the release date. Looking back at the pair of “Rookie of the Year”, the body is made up of brown suede and white lychee. The texture is full and decorated with a black Swoosh Logo. The upper is complemented by the 84-85 season Michael Jordan score. The independent design of the award-winning testimony, the details are sincere.

Adidas adheres to the concept of continuous innovation, and once again brings a new pair of shoes adidas POD-S3.1. After the exposure of the previous period, a detailed black and white color map of the physical map emerged on the network. The color scheme is mainly composed of classic and simple black and white. The black upper is made of engineering mesh. The midsole is separated and the back is equipped with Boost cushioning. This design not only has a unique visual effect, but also ensures the comfort of the shoes. It can also satisfy the public’s aesthetic needs for casual shoes, and is quite similar to the Y-3 design style.

Parley x Ultra Boost 4.0 LTD is available now

The adidas Ocean Joint Collection has always been a fresh look, and this time a new Parley x Ultra Boost 4.0 LTD has been added to the sci-fi style. The upper is still a woven upper made of recycled material. It is also a blue theme, with different shades to create a unique texture. The support frame is made of white TPU, and the three-bar part is silver, which adds a touch of sci-fi to the shoes. Friends who want to start a refreshing ocean joint have a new choice.

The sesame color matching adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Sesame, which has been scheduled to be released in August this year, has delayed the release date. Recently, this pair can be said to be the most anticipated color combination and bring a new physical picture.The overall style of the shoes is based on the light gray color of the earth color. This is also one of the favorite colors of the grandfather. With the same color midsole and raw rubber outsole, it not only looks like a high-end burst, but also perfectly solves it. The light-colored Yeezy Boost 350 V2 shoe is easy to dirty, and the midsole is oxidized and yellowed. Plus, the shoes are extremely high in both physical and upper feet. The trend is definitely the most anticipated Yeezy series this year. New!

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,The All-Star Weekend is held in New York City, and Spike Lee will naturally come to the scene. In today’s All-Star Challenge, Spike Lee appeared in the Air Jordan XX9 “Photo Reel”.The classic photos of Jumpman are presented on the XX9 high-performance vamp. It was previously reported that it will be unveiled during the All-Star Weekend. There is no official news from Jordan Brand. With more exposure of the real thing, this color is also available. It will be marketed in limited quantities and we will continue to pay attention. .

Air Jordan 1 OG High Get More Styles

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,This year is the big year of Air Jordan 1 OG Retro High. In addition to the beautiful new color matching, OG’s first year color matching has the theme of “Bred” and the elegant “Metallic Navy” come to us. The black toe, which will be re-enacted in November this year, is even more so that many Sneakerheads are overwhelmed. As one of the first color matching members in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” perfectly inherited the design of the Bulls’ color scheme. Jordan, who had just signed Nike, took a variety of promotional photos.Fragment x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG is a white, blue and black color that is popular among shoe fans. The body is covered in white, the toe is made of black, and the heel and upper are wrapped in royal blue. The classic lightning logo is highlighted. Its Fragment exclusive joint name is extraordinary. The shoes have been doubled in value once sold, coupled with Fujiwara’s hot appeal, many star big names personal interpretation, the price is higher than the shoes are hard to find.

Air Jordan 1 OG High “Chicago” classic white red and black color scheme shows the traditional charm of the Chicago Bulls. In the 1986 playoff game against the Carls, Larry Bird will not talk again. Let Jordan get 49 points more than the previous game in the game. However, in the second contest, Jordan was wearing a sneaker in the Air Jordan 1 OG High “Chicago” color, and scored an amazing 63 points. After the game, Bird said helplessly: “Tonight is God is playing Jordan as he plays.Air Jordan 1 OG High “Bred” is a black and red shoe named after “Bred”. It not only achieves the reverse popularity of the ban, but also opens up a classic legend of Air Jordan’s exclusive color matching, even on the other side of the ocean. Sakuragi Jun of the article loves it. The Air Jordan 1 OG High “Bred”, which was re-enacted on September 3 this year, will return to the lychee leather in the name of banned wear. The classic color scheme, delicate leather, and the details of the first year make it the leader of all the shoes this year.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,In 1994, NIKE re-created Air Jordan for the first time. This is a black and red away color match. The whole pair of shoes is basically the same as 1985. It is very special that the 94 version of the shoe box is very special. It was recorded before Jordan 94 years ago. Through the 1-9 generation of sneakers and some advertising photos, the value of this pair of shoes is second only to the first year of the Air Jordan 1, the shoe box and sneakers and cards are the best in the collection of Jordan shoes. In 1994, NIKE re-made Jordan shoes, and there was no “Retro” on the shoe box, so they all used the title of commemorative version. Until 2001, JORDAN BRAND will release the re-made Jordan shoes on the shoe box. Mark the words “Retro”, which is often referred to as the “reissue version”.AJ1’s technology is very common at the moment, and can even be said to be very rudimentary, but it was already avant-garde design in 1985, 31 years ago! The AF1 built-in air cushion was so popular at the time that Jordan was the first to him. The requirement for double-signature shoes is to retain the air cushion, while reducing the thickness of the midsole and increasing the sense of sticking, so the foot feels hard.When it comes to foot feel, a very important source is the technology used in soles, including midsole materials, outsole materials, cushioning technology. Among them, it is not allowed to be a shock in the midsole. . AJ1 is hard to wear and feel like moving bricks. Many people once doubted whether it has air cushion. In fact, AJ1 has a sole in the back.

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Introduce the Air Jordan 1 in history

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,The truth of the ban is that the sneakers that were banned at the time were the red and black models of the Air Ship, not the Air Jordan 1 with red and black colors. The so-called red and black Air Jord is just a marketing strategy for Nike, as Nike’s famous scout Vakalo said: “When you tell the public that a shoe is forbidden, it often means pop. When you Tell them that they can’t do anything, they have to do it. The truth of the matter was that the sneakers that were banned at the time were the red and black models of the Air Ship, not the Air Jordan 1 with red and black colors.

In 1985, at an invitational tournament held in Italy, Jordan took a long-distance take-off gliding dunk and smashed the plexiglass backboard. That year was the first year of the Air Jordan 1 first. This time, Jordan Brand’s theme of crushing the backboard, on the Air Jordan 1 Retro High shoes, shows the color of the uniform worn by MJ that night.The shoes are made of white, black and orange high-quality leather stitching, and the tongue is embroidered with Nike Air. The insole portrays the instant scene of the broken backboard. While paying tribute to the classic shoes, it also fits the theme. .

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,There is a touch of blue, called North Carolina. The sixth place in this time is the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “UNC”, which is the main color of the University of North Carolina’s alma mater. As one of Jordan Brand’s most unique color matching series, we may all be because Jordan knows the University of North Carolina, and has been collecting the color matching shoes named by him. More or less, we have already planted the “North Carolina” in our hearts. plot. The classic AJ1 shoe is implanted with DNA from North Carolina. I believe that not many people can reject this temptation, and its current price is still within acceptable limits.

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Air Jordan 11 Classic Concord Color Release Again

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,As an indelible essence of Sneaker history, Air Jordan 11 has an inter-generational significance. The perfect combination of patent leather and weaving technology can be called the classic of basketball shoes design in the 1990s. With the return of NBA’s Air Jordan 11 “CONCORD” in 1995, Sneakerhead is different.After seven years, Air Jordan 11 “CONCORD” is finally going to be re-enacted! As we all know, Jordan Brand will release the popular Air Jordan 11 “Concord” color scheme at the end of this year. Although it may use the large patent leather used in the past two years, it still cannot stop its huge attraction to shoe fans.The midsole still uses a combination of technically mature palm soles and carbon fiber panels. The six bandages on the side increase the wrapping and support of the shoes. The combination of patent leather and weaving technology, the Air Jordan 11 “CONCORD” still looks shiny and high-end. Attract attention.

Although the number of the heel is 23 or 45, it is not known, but the other details of the shoes will be the same as the original OG version of 1995. Recently, according to INS user , Jordan Brand will release up to 1 million pairs of Air Jordan 11 “Concord” worldwide. It is said that there are about 989,566 pairs of men’s shoes, and big children, children, baby and so on. There are 850,000 pairs. It is initially estimated that the shoes will be released on October 27th and may be postponed until December.The Air Jordan 11 “Concord”, scheduled to be re-enacted at the end of this year, is a shoe that has been strongly watched by Sneakerheads fans. From the exposure of the first group of spy photos to the past few months, the area of ​​the patent leather that people are most concerned about and the color of the crystal outsole have been changing with the picture quality, lighting environment or shooting angle of each release. Let many friends hesitate between entering or not.

As one of the biggest hits this year, Air Jordan 11 “Concord” continues to release physical details in the near future. Recently, this year’s big devil re-released the physical details! Its classic black and white color matching, even with the swelled large patent leather design of the first year, does not affect its color value. The heel is similar to the “45” detail of the 2016 big dunk to distinguish it from the first year version.In 1995, Jordan put on the No. 45 jersey and Air Jordan 11 “CONCORD” boots for the first time to return to the NBA, and then led the Bulls to a record of 72 wins and 10 losses in the 1995-96 season, this pair accompanied Jordan’s battlefield AJ11 “CONCORD” is naturally extraordinary. Last year, there were various news that Kangkang was about to be re-enacted, and it became a hot topic in the sneaker circle for a time, but the shoe powders waited until it was released. This year, it is finally confirmed, CONCORD IS COMING! This year’s replica of this Air Jordan 11 “CONCORD” is the closest to the first year configuration in detail, the familiar mower shell, restore the first year of the look of white Small tip and high patent leather.

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