Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi OG Chicago return this summer

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Jordan Brand, the brand also considered the perfect re-engraving of the sneakers of the first year. After the launch in 2013, the classic Bulls’ white and black Air Jordan 1 OG “Chicago” returned again.Presented in a design that is completely loyal to the first year, the shoe is made of high-quality leather, and the red Nike Air embroidered label on the tongue. Compared with the 13 models, the clean heel has no Jumpman Logo and will be officially released at the end of May.

Heavy color matching return! Following the re-release in 2013, the classic Chicago White Black Red Bulls color will reproduce the Air Jordan 1 shoe, and this time the design is loyal to the first year, made of high-quality leather, the tongue is dotted with red Nike Air Embroidery, heel does not have a Jumpman Logo.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,Designed by legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan 3 “Tinker” was once fired to the sky, making many shoe fans crazy. The Air Jordan 6 “Tinker” also released a physical map. More HD details are ushered in. The shoe body has a light gray color, and the details of the tongue and the sole are the contrasting blue and red colors. As the first pair of NBA champion shoes in Jordan, the Jumpman in the center of the tongue is very eye-catching. Logo, the plastic lace elastic buckle design not only has a perfect decorative embellishment effect, but also can adjust the tightness of the shoelace.

Air Jordan 1 asymmetric design elements subvert the tradition

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,As the popular shoes of Jordan Brand, Air Jordan 1 is not a small force this year. The black-green toe and black-purple toes that have received wide attention in the early stage of image exposure will be released in September. Recently, a major asymmetry The new color scheme of the design is released. The new color matching body is made of military green, with a classic white midsole. The highlight of this shoe is that the pattern on both sides of the shoe is asymmetric. The left side is “NIKE” and the right side is the barrage. Style, it is worth mentioning that not only the single left and right side asymmetric design, the left and right feet are also asymmetric.

Adidas Originals brings a new style of shoes again. The new product, called adidas P.O.D S3.1, is presented in a sharp sporty look. The first color is mainly black. Breathable and lightweight mesh fabric to create the upper, simple and ingenious with details. The most noteworthy thing is that this new product uses the design of the back palm Boost, which also reduces the weight and cost of the shoe while ensuring the feel of the foot.

Nike Epic React Flyknit, a new running shoe with the new Nike React cushioning technology, has attracted a lot of attention since its exposure. In addition to the two first color combinations that will be released in Japan, there is a new color matching recently! These Nike Epic React Flyknit uppers are black and have white interlacing, giving a splash of ink, while the midsole is rendered in white React material! The black and white color scheme is simple, dirt-resistant, and very versatile!

Air Jordan 11 Will Get a New Cool Black Color

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,After Nike restarted the Air Jordan series in 2018, the popular replicas of the popular Air Jordan 1 and 11 and the innovative introduction of new color schemes were not in the minority. Today, we found that some sneaker lovers shared a new color of the Air Jordan 11 that had not appeared before. The shoes shown in the picture are selected from the Air Jordan 11’s favorite high-top design shoes as the base. The overall color is mainly cool black, while the shoes around the shoes and the red flying logo are the shoes. The overall color layering and detailing add a lot of color. However, this pure black Air Jordan 11 is not a custom version of the sneakers design or the upcoming new color scheme, so please also be interested in the patience of waiting for our latest news follow-up.

Compared to the 1st generation, Nike offers consumers a wider range of options for VaporMax 2’s air cushion color.Recently, Nike has exposed a new color matching Nike Air VaporMax 2 Flyknit “Thunder Grey”, which is crowned with a blue-blue air cushion of “Track Blue”, which makes people feel like walking around the ocean. The dark grey Flyknit woven upper is complemented by pink details, but the overall simplicity is bright, and the summer out can also be used as a highlight.

Last year, Nike celebrated the 20th anniversary of Air Max 97, and launched a new Ultra version. Recently, the overseas shoe store overkill brought a pair of light gray new Nike Air Max 97 Ultra. The overall style of the shoes is pure light gray. The difference from the first year design is that the rich texture on the upper adds a rich futuristic and layered feel to the whole pair of shoes. The simple silver grey is also resistant to dirt. A good choice!

Air Jordan 1 Rookie of the Year is coming soon

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,This year’s Air Jordan 1 new generation is endless, a variety of color schemes are dazzling, early exposure of a pair of new wheat color matching inspired by Michael Jordan’s clothes in the Rookie of the Year speech, the value of the shoes is so popular, today’s shoes, today The shoe finally announced the release date. Looking back at the pair of “Rookie of the Year”, the body is made up of brown suede and white lychee. The texture is full and decorated with a black Swoosh Logo. The upper is complemented by the 84-85 season Michael Jordan score. The independent design of the award-winning testimony, the details are sincere.
NMD Hu Trial shoes, which have almost become synonymous with Philippine Dong, have been attracting attention since the new Pharrell x adidas NMD Hu Solar Pack suit was exposed in March this year. Recently, adidas Originals released the latest commercial version of this suit. In addition to the official adidas Originals name changed to “Solar Pack”, the color matching of the shoes is also very different from the previously released Sample photos. The three color schemes are decorated with black and white woven uppers complemented by pink, yellow and turquoise threads, and are displayed in contrast midsole and outsole. The ethnic style colorful bead pattern on the collar reflects the original African theme name for the shoe set. The large area of ​​the upper left white makes the iconic embroidery of the Philippine shoes show, and the three pairs have the words “MOTH3R”, “3MPOW3R” and “M1L3L3” respectively.

The Ocean co-branded the new shoes Parley x adidas Ultra Boost Clima, bringing a set of physical feet. The upper is made of white Primeknit woven material, blended with Clima concept, the upper opening of the upper is increased, and the breathability is enhanced. The iconic three-bar support piece is also made of woven material to enhance the breathability and softer fit. At first glance, it is a pair of small white shoes. In fact, the upper is also integrated with light blue, and the heel is also inherited by the blue stitch design, which highlights the theme of the sea joint.

How do you feeling this Air Jordan 11 Platinum Tint ?

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,If you talk about Air Jordan 11, you can’t help but mention the “Concord”, which has a high status in many shoe fans. After the confirmation of the shoes, it is definitely one of the heavy news of this year’s shoes, but this year’s ten The monthly Air Jordan 11 will not only launch this pair, but the new “Platinum Tint” brand new color is also exposed in the network. These shoes have a very low-key light gray, and the shoe line, the Jumpman Logo and the heel are decorated with red and blue accents, which contrasts with the body. The outsole part of the shoe is decorated with transparent jelly. The whole is fresh and simple. Although there is no bright and bold color, it is also good. The shoe will also be available in October. How many points do you give to this pair of colors?

Nike Epic React Flyknit, a new running shoe with the new Nike React cushioning technology, has attracted a lot of attention since its exposure. After the official release of Nike, it has finally ushered in a number of different color schemes. ! The overall contour is inspired by the classic shoe Flyknit Racer to create a sophisticated, streamlined body. The midsole is made of a large piece of Nike React material. The design is designed to meet the trend of today’s popular cushioning technology visualization. With the embossed lines like water ripples, it brings a more light and soft bullet to the chic foot experience!

Adidas adheres to the concept of continuous innovation, and once again brings a new pair of shoes adidas POD-S3.1. After the exposure of the previous period, a detailed black and white color map of the physical map emerged on the network.The color scheme is mainly composed of classic and simple black and white. The black upper is made of engineering mesh. The midsole is separated and the back is equipped with Boost cushioning. This design not only has a unique visual effect, but also ensures the comfort of the shoes. It can also satisfy the public’s aesthetic needs for casual shoes, and is quite similar to the Y-3 design style.

adidas POD S3.1 is a pair Full of futuristic shoes

Adidas is indeed at the forefront of the design and manufacture of new shoes. The classic re-engrave is important, but adidas has a lot of new shoes that you may not have seen, and today added one! Just exposed to social networks, the adidas POD-S3.1 is also named for future technology. The design of the shoe body is quite a shadow of NMD, EQT and Yeezy, and the new sole brings a technological experience with a unique segmentation vision. The midsole adopts the latter half Boost solution. The separate design not only has a unique visual effect, but also has a good performance in terms of cost control. The hollow sole has a good performance in terms of weight reduction. You can see that the Boost part is very thick, and I believe that the foot feel can be guaranteed.

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,The Air Jordan 1 High Strap returns to this year’s re-enactment, featuring an upper strap on the classic Air Jordan 1 shoe, and the detachable design is also quite convenient.Now Bred black and red color landing on this shoe, red leather material with black nylon material to create the body, will be officially released in the near future.

In addition to the long-exposure OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1, this morning, another pair of classic shoes AJ3 joined the ranks of this joint. However, along with the release of this heavy news, there is a more horrible rumor that emerged on the Internet! A list of ten different types of sneakers is displayed in front of us. I am afraid that OFF-WHITE is likely to have a broader cooperation with Nike. Aside from the two pairs of AJs above, there will be Air Force 1 Ultraforce Mid, Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0, Air Presto, Air Vapormax Flyknit, Blazer Studio Mid, Cortez Ultra and Lunar Epic Flyknit and Air Max 90 Ice. The scale is unprecedentedly large and extremely rare! Among them, the Blazer Studio Mid and Air Max 90 Ice have also been exposed, and the rest of the shoes will have a unique design that opens up the brain, which is really looking forward to! The new deconstruction and reshaping will undoubtedly inject more vivid and vibrant performance into the hot shoe market. Which styles are you looking forward to in this mystery list?

Next year the Yeezy series will bring 7 new models

This year’s grandfather’s adidas Yeezy boost series has never had a big move. The new shoe type currently only brings Yeezy 500 and Yeezy 700. Today, Grandpa has a sketch on his personal twitter, which shows the Yeezy series will be in 2019. The sketch of the new shoe type released has a total of 7 pairs of new shoes, which is definitely a heavyweight broke!In the sketch we can see Yeezy Boost 350 V3, Yeezy 451, Yeezy 500 V2, Yeezy 700 V3, Yeezy 1050 and a pair of Terrex outdoor series, and it seems that there is also a pair of basketball shoes will appear next year! In addition to the next-generation version of the existing shoes, next year will also bring Yeezy 451, which has been exposed before, and Yeezy 1050, which has never appeared before. Although there are only very simple hand-drawn sketches, the name of the 7 pairs of shoes is already exciting, and we will pay close attention to it and bring the first time to report. The most anticipated is the Yeezy Boost 350 V3. Which one do you most expect?

Adidas Ultra Boost has been released in version 4.0. As one of the most successful running shoes for addias running, UB has always been regarded as synonymous with comfortable soft bullets! In front of this, the new gray powder color is specially created for girls. The light gray Primeknit woven body is matched with a striking black three-line frame, and the nude powder stabilizer matches the same color outsole. The visual performance is quite sweet, creating a refreshing and capable visual impact!

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,Bringing laser color matching The Air Jordan XX “Laser” HD detail map will be officially released on the 16th of this month. As part of the Jordan Brand 30th Anniversary series, the XX series will be brought back to our eyes.On the background of the white shoe body, the brand history is presented in a laser pattern, which is worthy of savoring. The details are decorated with silver-gray reflective materials, which are full of highlights. .

Air Jordan 1 OG High Get More Styles

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,This year is the big year of Air Jordan 1 OG Retro High. In addition to the beautiful new color matching, OG’s first year color matching has the theme of “Bred” and the elegant “Metallic Navy” come to us. The black toe, which will be re-enacted in November this year, is even more so that many Sneakerheads are overwhelmed. As one of the first color matching members in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” perfectly inherited the design of the Bulls’ color scheme. Jordan, who had just signed Nike, took a variety of promotional photos.Fragment x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG is a white, blue and black color that is popular among shoe fans. The body is covered in white, the toe is made of black, and the heel and upper are wrapped in royal blue. The classic lightning logo is highlighted. Its Fragment exclusive joint name is extraordinary. The shoes have been doubled in value once sold, coupled with Fujiwara’s hot appeal, many star big names personal interpretation, the price is higher than the shoes are hard to find.

Air Jordan 1 OG High “Chicago” classic white red and black color scheme shows the traditional charm of the Chicago Bulls. In the 1986 playoff game against the Carls, Larry Bird will not talk again. Let Jordan get 49 points more than the previous game in the game. However, in the second contest, Jordan was wearing a sneaker in the Air Jordan 1 OG High “Chicago” color, and scored an amazing 63 points. After the game, Bird said helplessly: “Tonight is God is playing Jordan as he plays.Air Jordan 1 OG High “Bred” is a black and red shoe named after “Bred”. It not only achieves the reverse popularity of the ban, but also opens up a classic legend of Air Jordan’s exclusive color matching, even on the other side of the ocean. Sakuragi Jun of the article loves it. The Air Jordan 1 OG High “Bred”, which was re-enacted on September 3 this year, will return to the lychee leather in the name of banned wear. The classic color scheme, delicate leather, and the details of the first year make it the leader of all the shoes this year.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,In 1994, NIKE re-created Air Jordan for the first time. This is a black and red away color match. The whole pair of shoes is basically the same as 1985. It is very special that the 94 version of the shoe box is very special. It was recorded before Jordan 94 years ago. Through the 1-9 generation of sneakers and some advertising photos, the value of this pair of shoes is second only to the first year of the Air Jordan 1, the shoe box and sneakers and cards are the best in the collection of Jordan shoes. In 1994, NIKE re-made Jordan shoes, and there was no “Retro” on the shoe box, so they all used the title of commemorative version. Until 2001, JORDAN BRAND will release the re-made Jordan shoes on the shoe box. Mark the words “Retro”, which is often referred to as the “reissue version”.AJ1’s technology is very common at the moment, and can even be said to be very rudimentary, but it was already avant-garde design in 1985, 31 years ago! The AF1 built-in air cushion was so popular at the time that Jordan was the first to him. The requirement for double-signature shoes is to retain the air cushion, while reducing the thickness of the midsole and increasing the sense of sticking, so the foot feels hard.When it comes to foot feel, a very important source is the technology used in soles, including midsole materials, outsole materials, cushioning technology. Among them, it is not allowed to be a shock in the midsole. . AJ1 is hard to wear and feel like moving bricks. Many people once doubted whether it has air cushion. In fact, AJ1 has a sole in the back.

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Introduce the Air Jordan 1 in history

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,The truth of the ban is that the sneakers that were banned at the time were the red and black models of the Air Ship, not the Air Jordan 1 with red and black colors. The so-called red and black Air Jord is just a marketing strategy for Nike, as Nike’s famous scout Vakalo said: “When you tell the public that a shoe is forbidden, it often means pop. When you Tell them that they can’t do anything, they have to do it. The truth of the matter was that the sneakers that were banned at the time were the red and black models of the Air Ship, not the Air Jordan 1 with red and black colors.

In 1985, at an invitational tournament held in Italy, Jordan took a long-distance take-off gliding dunk and smashed the plexiglass backboard. That year was the first year of the Air Jordan 1 first. This time, Jordan Brand’s theme of crushing the backboard, on the Air Jordan 1 Retro High shoes, shows the color of the uniform worn by MJ that night.The shoes are made of white, black and orange high-quality leather stitching, and the tongue is embroidered with Nike Air. The insole portrays the instant scene of the broken backboard. While paying tribute to the classic shoes, it also fits the theme. .

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,There is a touch of blue, called North Carolina. The sixth place in this time is the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “UNC”, which is the main color of the University of North Carolina’s alma mater. As one of Jordan Brand’s most unique color matching series, we may all be because Jordan knows the University of North Carolina, and has been collecting the color matching shoes named by him. More or less, we have already planted the “North Carolina” in our hearts. plot. The classic AJ1 shoe is implanted with DNA from North Carolina. I believe that not many people can reject this temptation, and its current price is still within acceptable limits.

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Air Jordan 1 Banned very hot selling this year

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers will launch a series of Air Jordan 1 new color combinations for female friends in the fall of 2018, which is characterized by a snake skin pattern on the heel. In addition to the white version, there is also a black version. The black version uses all-black leather. As you can see from the picture, there is basically no other color in the body, and the whole heel is equipped with a high-end gray snake skin with a very good texture. It is reported that this color is currently on sale at the foreign Nike official website, priced at 145 US dollars, the article number AH7389-014. Do not miss if like it.

Recently, Los Angeles famous sneakers custom group The Shoe Surgeon released an OG-style “Chicago” after launching the customized version of Air Jordan 1 “Banned”.On the basis of retaining the original color matching, the traditional crocodile texture and snake skin texture are used to reshape the shoe body, and the black shark skin is added to the creation of Swoosh and the upper to show the beauty of wild luxury.In November, when OFF-WHITE x Nike was officially released, the speculation price was still worrying. On November 20th, the US region will release The Ten series through Nike SNKRS. AJ 1 is still the most sought-after shoe of the year. The selling price can be reduced, and everyone can start with a satisfactory price. The super-strong Black Gold Top 3, which appeared on this month’s ComplexCon, is currently in very small quantities, and the speculative price on the market is the second highest in the year, but it will also be in the All-Star Weekend next February. Will usher in a wide range of sales.
The black toe speculation price is high, let Jordan Brand make a move, and make a “color matching Dafa”. First of all, there are countless Rust Pinks. The speculative price is higher than the price we reported in the previous two days. less. The same volume is the combination of Nike and fashion blogger Aleali May. Only one store is on sale. Aleali chose his favorite Air Jordan 1 Shadow for the blueprint and made the corduroy and satin. Surprise every month, when the dirty powder is just a bit of a brow, a pair of mint green black toe AJ 1 will be on sale soon. From the current exposure of the top foot map, the black toe and fresh color match, bringing an anti-season Cool. A pair of hidden AJs, finally released in stores such as Champs in the United States, finally gave a glimpse of the full view of the shoe, black and white dresses covered with dark lines, the taste is very novel. Last month’s graffiti laser version of AJ 1, ignored by many people, inspired by the traditional ethnic festival Latino Heritage Month, not only Latin American style, the color pattern of the tongue and toe makes it very individual. The speculative price of chameleon color matching has been steadily rising. It seems that the gradient color of the shoe body is unique.

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