Which brand of co-branded Nike sneakers is the strongest?

We compared Nike’s heavy joint name last year and this year! See which pairs are the most heart-warming.

Speaking of the joint name of the shoes, Nike is really not aimed at who! On the quality of the joint brand, we only say that the two top fashion brands, OFF-WHITE and Supreme, have reached an altitude that cannot be surpassed.How strong is Nike’s joint strength? I think Nike can only compare with myself, because only Nike can surpass itself.

Today, compare Nike last year and this year’s most popular joint sneakers. In which year is it stronger and better? You decide!

Last year, the two parties brought in CLOT x Air VaporMax. At that time, they were catching up with everyone’s interest in VaporMax, such as Guanxi and Solid Color Red, which became one of the most important Nike joint names last year. At the beginning of this year, Guan Xige once again shot, and even launched a pair of white silk AF1, to know that the red silk AF1 that once had a “snack box” is definitely one of the gods, and the full Chinese wind makes people not love it! Guan Xige’s CLOT can bring these fines with Nike. Xiaobian has more or less pride in his heart. If you compare these two pairs of shoes, although the price is similar, the popularity should be slightly better than white silk.

Last year, Air Three’s three-color color match experienced the peak of popularity. In addition, Wu Yifan’s upper foot in “China has hip-hop” is a direct take-off; then a pair of tripartite AF1, although the attention is not so high, but the print identification Extremely high, with a dark temperament. This year, Supreme x Nike didn’t bring enough surprises. The AF1 style of a pair of tripartite joints was too exaggerated. The retro old-fashioned style of the Zoom Streak was also revealed by everyone to have a look of the Xtepfire series. https://www.cadysport.com

As the world’s strongest street brand, Supreme x Nike cooperation shoes are the focus of everyone’s attention every year. This year’s two pairs of joint-name models did not bring much surprises. Compared with last year, it is indeed inferior. I hope that in the second half of the year, I hope that in the second
half of the year. There are heavy pieces born.

Since last year, OFF-WHITE x Nike has become the most powerful sneaker series. Even with its strong influence, Yeezy has been left behind. Since then, the style has been deconstructed, and each pair has an exaggerated increase. It is a peak in the history of sneakers. This year’s “The Ten” instantly became the “The Hundred”. At present, only two pairs of OFF-WHITE x Zoom Fly will be released. In the second
half of the year, the climax will be ushered in. The color selection is more abundant, but the design is not changing the medicine. It makes people feel shocked. The OFF-WHITE x Nike is called the strongest co-brand in the sneaker world. I believe no one will object. The starting ten pairs have become a classic
that cannot be copied. Although this year’s color is more abundant, it is difficult to reach the height of last year.

COMME des GARÇONS Kawakubo has a long-term relationship with Nike. Last year, Air VaporMax was the earliest exposure color, with an unprecedented air cushion design, which was really hard to extricate at the time. This year’s cooperation between CDG and Air Max 180 is too small, and the joint shoes with Nike ACG have already been exposed. It can be seen from the design with a sense of retro and deconstruction, and also appeared in Paris Fashion Week. The new Nike Sock Dart is also impressive,
but the release information is still not exposed. The dark black color in the concise is the consistent style of CDG x Nike. Last year’s Air VaporMax was really amazing. It is really difficult to make a breakthrough this year.

Last year, UNDEFEATED and Nike’s joint influence was super strong, and the color matching of GUCCI’s joint name attracted a lot of attention. Together with Air Max 97′s returning heat last year, it was a great joint achievement. This year’s UNDEFEATED is mainly designed around the newly engraved Kobe 1 Protro, but a few good-looking color schemes are exclusive to the players, or only 5 pairs or 10
pairs of friends and relatives, the two pairs of commercial color matching is not as hot as expected. Popularly, last year’s Air Max 97 is the Kobe 1 Protro crushed this year. After all, the Air Max 97 has a wider audience, and the Kobe 1 as a basketball shoe can only pay for a small number of hardcore fans.

ACRONYM participated in the AF100 joint project of Nike last year. In order to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Air Force 1, the ACRONYM x Air Force 1, which has a pure white color, continues the functional design. This year’s joint Air VaporMax Moc does not have a major sense of function, but enhances recognition with a strong visual impact. Unfortunately, the popularity is not high. Except for the black and white color scheme of the first launch, the other two pairs are at the original price. The good news is that it may be brought at the end of the year. Come to Air Presto for cooperation! Neither AF1 nor Air VaporMax Moc has caused too much attention, but the ACRONYM x Air Presto at the end of this year may be a new look that Xiaobian is looking forward to. https://www.cadyshoes.com

This pair of Air Force 1 officially opened NIke’s road to change the hook, becoming the most popular pair of shoes in the AF100 series. Not only can you change the hooks, but also two very interesting decorations, which are too dirty and make people love and hate. . Compared with the AF1 in 2017, the friends who started the AJ4 joint venture early this year may be a bit uncomfortable. The price and design details are impeccable, but the market is falling and falling, because friends who were too expensive before. I can think about it now. Whether it’s popularity or market price, last year’s hook AF1 will be stronger, but this year there will be a new color release, the joint AJ4 is also likely to launch new products.

VLONE and Nike have brought several pairs of Air Force 1 in the world, and Guan Xi is also frequently on the ground. Unfortunately, because of the scandal of the manager Bari, Nike has terminated the partnership and made this super-heavyweight joint name. Become a swan song. Although there is no joint name of VLONE this year, Nike has started to cooperate with Fear Of God, which is only weaker than VLONE. VLONE and Fear Of God are the most popular luxury brands in the world, and the VLONE x AF1 has become a sneaker. I hope this year’s FOG x Nike series will surprise everyone.

Last year, KAWS and Air Jordan 4 brought a combination of gray and black. Last year, gray was the first color match, and the market price was higher, but individuals prefer the black texture. This year, KITH and Nike’s joint cooperation is similar to KAWS in weight. Although LeBron 15 is far less popular than AJ4, some color combinations are extremely rare, resulting in a very large market price. The most expensive color matching on the market is ten times the cheapest. about! https://www.cadysneakers.com

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